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Our unique edge

Our Preschool offers a range of unique opportunities to excite young children into exploring, discovering and creating.

Music, Dance and Drama are important in teaching young children how to express themselves. The children get the  opportunity to play instruments, sing, act and dance so they can be creative and discover new talents.

The Preschool also has a superb Forest School area where the children can explore and discover the great outdoors.

Children have many opportunities to explore and discover the world beyond the Preschool. For example, the children visit farms, the seaside, places of worship and restaurants to name a few.

We also welcome visitors from outside to enrich the children’s experiences. For example, we have regular visits from fire fighters to talk about keeping safe, vets to help the children look after their pets, computing experts to help children learn new skills and sports coaches to teach them about fitness.

So as you can see from the few examples above, Bright Stars really provides children with an excellent range of different and exciting experiences.

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