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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Children in the Preschool will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

This is designed to give them the very best grounding and preparation for starting school.

 We will focus on:

· Personal, social and emotional development

· Physical development

· Communication and Language

· Literacy

· Mathematics

· Understanding of the world

· Expressive arts and design


The activities we provide will enable the children to explore, discover and create in these

areas within a happy, safe and playful environment.

Your child's achievements in all these areas are carefully recorded by our trained

professionals so you can see the progress they are making.


A typical day at Bright Stars……..

  • Greeting friends and table top activities to develop fine motor control

  • Whole class welcome, singing songs and rhymes together and whole class activities.

  • Plan-Do-Review (child initiated play).

  • Snack time.

  • A range of different activities as a small group

  • Story and preparation for home time.

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